I'm here to guide you into satisfying and conscious sexuality.

I can help you with

Accountability Group

This offer is for people who went through 1 on 1 coaching and want to continue their growth with the group of like-minded men. We meet once every week to discuss our growth, challenges and support each other in recovery journey.

On-Line Coaching Course

This offer is for people who want to dive deeply into AS-Coaching program, discuss the tools, be held accountable and to process deeper psychological needs behind their issue.

Sexological Counselling for Individuals and Couples

Sexological consultations focus on a wide range of sexual problems - sexual mismatch, problems related to sexual orientation, gender identification, fetishes, and complaints of pain during sex. I try my best to constantly educate myself, so I can use the latest knowledge in the field when I'm providing support to all those in need.

Steve, USA

I highly recommend the accountability program as part of the Mindful Habit. Adrian Sztobryn is currently the accountability coach running this program. For me it has been money well spent. Since I started the program, I have really been able to break free in a way that I never have before. Adrian is very easy to talk to, and the one thing I like is that he “gets it.” He has been through all the struggles and has been able to stop the addictive behavior. So, why not listen to someone who not only knows how to stop the addiction, but also understands the process and all of its struggles.

Jason, USA

I have been working with Craig and one of his coaches Adrian for the past year. When, I started working with him, I was looking at porn everyday. They gave me the tools to get porn out of my life. He taught how to create an awesome life, set goals, focus on what I want, instead of what I don’t want. Also, gave me the tools to fight cravings, where I’m no longer a prisoner to porn. Craig saved my life, and made my life enjoyable again. I wake up wanting to attack the day, instead of wanting to go back to sleep, and be a zombie to porn. Craig cares about your success. He will do whatever it takes, for you to succeed. He did for me, I have called him several times, and he has picked up the phone, no matter what time it is. I owe Craig my life.

Sayeed, Republic of India

“I have had the unique opportunity to work with Mr. Adrian. He is phenomenal. He has help me tremendously. He has given me information that is worth way beyond any fees… I mean it is a life long tool for success. Furthermore, I was at a very peak turning point in my life. I had recently been married, and my relationship was in danger because of the destruction Porn did to my brain. If it wasn’t for the guidance and help of Mr. Adrian, I would have been hurting my relationship very badly and may have lead to serious problems for both me and my wife…. Thank You.. Mr. Adrian. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from the hearts of all the youth stuck in this destruction.”

In this interview, conducted by productivity coach Filip Van Houte, we talk about pornography addiction, my way from desperation to health and psychological mechanisms that are the key to freedom from compulsive behavior. If you want to get to know me and my view of recovery better, be sure to watch it!
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