Teafullness – Meditation with tea

I would like to share a simple exercise that restores peace of mind and allows you to consciously enjoy the use of a computer. I called it “Teafullness” and it has become a fixed point in the therapies conducted by therapists whom I cooperated with. It is called “Tea-fullness” because you intend to drink your tea to the fullest, not using the habitual mind, as usual, but with full concentration and awareness of what you are doing. Shall we start?

You have to make yourself tea (or any other warm beverage) and wait till it cools down a little, so you don’t burn yourself. When the tea is ready to drink, take a mug gently in both hands, like something very dear and close to you. During this time, breathe deeply and focus on the warmth of the cup in your hands, then return to your natural breath. Try to stay calm and don’t think about other things – for the moment being only you and tea exist. If the tea is still too hot, you must be careful and patient. Wait until the temperature is perfect for you to enjoy it, still breathing deeply.

Then grab the cup and slowly bring it closer to your mouth. Do this while focusing on your breath and trying to sense the full aroma of tea. You can close your eyes, so the other senses are heightened. Take a deep breath and exhale. Afterwards, take a small sip of tea and try to focus fully on its taste and warmth. After taking a sip, take another deep, calm breath and exhale. You can repeat it as long as you want to, I usually take three or four sips, and when I feel calmed down and refreshed, I undertake other activities. This is a good method for the beginning of your work on a computer, or as a way of counteracting to fuses.

Let me know what was the experience of doing this exercise!

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