How To Get Started on the Right Foot Everyday!

Hi guys!

So, something I have been doing lately is cycling. I wake up every morning at 6am while it’s still dark and ride around a beautiful lake, (it’s about 15 miles), near my family’s house in Florida. Some days are really easy for me to get started. I go to bed early, I wake up refreshed, put on my cyclist helmet and just go!
Then there are those days when you just can’t seem to get out of bed. Everybody has those kind of days.

You open your eyes and you say to yourself:
“Sh*t, I’m not gonna make it today. I’m just too tired. My mouth is dry. I’m so sleepy. My legs hurt. I’ll do it in the evening, no big deal. Nobody will see or judge that anyway.”

Guess what? Evening will never come. Evening doesn’t exist. Evening is the concept that is stopping you from taking the right action in the present moment. And you know what? You see yourself even if nobody else is watching. Isn’t that enough to get your shit together and at least try!?

This is part of my thinking process. But those thoughts will not have any power over me, if I don’t go back to my WHY. Why do I wake up every morning? Why do I want to bike? My why has to be stronger than my current want.

My general life purpose is to create something beautiful and do just that. I need to be in good health. I need it to support my family. I love staying in shape, it makes me feel healthy and attractive. I need to stay in shape so that I will be around for many more years to come! Those are my reasons. Things that I like to imagine to help me get out of bed and defeat the day is I imagine long term consequences on exercising daily. I imagine my smile, the feeling of freshness and looks of my loved ones (those that are in my life and those that will come). I imagine myself hiking in the mountains (which I love) until I’m old. I imagine happiness.

And then I open my eyes, place one foot on the floor, then the second foot, and I go.

Coach Adrian

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