Rewrite Your History

Each of us has a story. Some of us, more than others, suffered from abuse, neglect and bullying. Because of what other people told them, they started to believe they were unworthy, unlovable and basically broken. Of course, after we form these beliefs about ourselves, we follow a pattern of action that is aimed to confirm them. So our thoughts become reality, we start to deem ourselves as “no good” even in our own eyes which is simply not true!

But what if you made a bold step today, to rewrite your story? Try to see the deepest and purest part of yourself. You in your best moments and best days. Think about it! Then think about what happened in the past that impacted you as a person.

What was your story?

This is mine:

I was bullied and ridiculed,

I was beaten up by my teachers,

I was begging my mum to not leave us as a 5 year olds,

I was in a hospital for insomnia as a 9 year old,

I was abused and neglected,

But I Am

Bright and energetic,

I have a great sense of humor,

I can offer others my unconditional love and support,

I’m resilient and hopeful,

Im not a victim,

And I will never give up!

I differentiate from what is past and what is true.

What is your story? Share in comments.

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