Minnow’s Razor

Simple and very effective tool for fighting addiction. We do not need a literal razor, but only the understanding of how we are able to delude and deceive ourselves.

A very useful tool, especially during the fight against self-deception while quitting an addiction.

Pornography is:

  • Whatever you are looking for (other than human relationships or imagination) to achieve sexual excitement.
  • Everything (except human relationships or imagination) you lose interest in after masturbation.
  • Any kind of entertainment (media) that you would not mention to friends/family because of the sexual content (e.g. I would not mention in conversation with my girlfriend that I was watching a video depicting girls that were kissing).
  • Any kind of entertainment that makes you feel like you are coming back to your old habits or that can make you break any of the first three points.

The example: “Game of Thrones”

“Game of Thrones” has a lot of erotic scenes, thus via this test I can determine whether it is a pornography or not.

  • I don’t watch the GoT series for the excitement, I watch it because it’s a great show.
  • I don’t lose interest in GoT after masturbation.
  • I would tell people in a casual conversation that I was watching GoT.
  • BUT! All the sexual content of the series makes me feel like watching online pornographic movies afterwards.

Conclusion: “Game of Thrones” is not something for me.

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